Quality Imported Ostrich Feathers Since 1978

Sole Proprietor Carol Cilliers (925) 323-9663



  Natural and Hand Dyed Quality Feathers from Farmed Ostriches

Feathers range in size from 6 inches to 28 inches!

Natural Colors are Black, White and Grey and come in a variety of natural patterns. In other words, these feathers are not bleached.

Bleached are also available.

Custom dyeing available in all the colors of the rainbow plus the Rainbow dyed Ostrich Feather (red, orange, yellow, green, turquoise & purple). $100 minimum.

Call 925-323-9663 for retailers in the USA and Canada. We do selective retailing, or will refer you to a retail store.

Wholesale available with a $100 minimum order.

Email ccilliers@msn.com

For further information, call Carol Cilliers Blaschke at 925-323-9663, but email first whenever possible, thank you.

I use paypal or checks, no credit cards.

Write: Plush Plumes of California
604 21st Place
Santa Monica Ca 90402




Wholesale prices range from $.50 each for seconds, to $6.50 each for the Rainbow Feather 20-25" and extra long feathers 24-28" when available.

Single color 24-28" $5.50 each.

Medium 16-20" $3.50 each.

Large 20-24" $4.50 each

Fluffs are small, 6-14" $1.50 each.

Special Note:

It is always best to email with your questions and requests, this way all the information is in writing. Please keep the thread of the emails so we can refer back, I need to have an easy way to reference the different requests!

Seconds are available, especially to non profits at a discount.

Care of feathers: never expose to sticky tape, fluids, do not bend the stems, keep the feathers going the same way at all times. They love dry heat.

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